Databank’s Pension Fund Management Team is a leading retirement solutions provider with a successful history and a strong presence in the pensions fund industry. We are the Pension Fund Manager of Choice to Trustees, Employers and Contributors alike. On the back of our corporate values of Leadership, Excellence, Humility and Integrity, we go beyond pension fund management to also provide Retirement Life Planning and Personal Financial Planning to ensure both preparedness for and financial independence at retirement.

Master Trust Scheme (MTS): An MTS is sponsored by a Corporate Trustee and is open to employees of several companies. There is an ideal solution for most employers as it is cost effective and run by professionals.

Employer Sponsored Scheme (ESS): An ESS is open only to employees of a particular firm, and gives that firm control over asset allocation and access to service providers.

Group Personal Scheme (GPS): The GPS, which is sponsored by a Corporate Trustee, is designed for those in the formal and informal sector. The contributions to this scheme are voluntary.