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What is the difference between a chequing and a savings account?

You can use your chequing account for day-to-day transactions like making bill payments and transferring money to other people or accounts. A chequing account comes with cheques and a debit card. You can access your chequing account online, through the mobile app and by calling our telephone banking service. A savings account is an account that earns interest. It’s a great way to save up for a specific goal, like a vacation or a new car, or to ensure you have an emergency fund available when you need it.

Yes. You can appoint another person to act on your behalf through a power of attorney

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The protection and security of your personal data is of paramount importance to us. We use advanced data encryption and storing technologies that ensure your personal information and transactions are sent and stored securely. Our privacy notice provides more information on what data we collect and how it gets used.

Our audit practitioners’ top priority is to provide quality audits for our clients. Over the past years, we have made significant investments to improve our processes. we are looking to leverage innovation

Do all the things you normally expect from online banking such as standing orders, faster transfers, plus experience high-tech security features and smart money management tools. It’s banking that keeps up with your lifestyle.